• Farewell Plastic Bags

    Being housebound during the snow actually gave me a chance to do some much-needed sorting-out around the house after Christmas. As strange as it seems, the most satisfying part was finally clearing out the drawer of tatty old 'bags for life' that I'd been hoarding for far too long. Anyway, now that I'm free of plastic bags (recycled responsibly of course!), my collection of shoppers and trolley bags has really come into its own.

    I was never one for those hessian bags - frankly they were too bulky to store and too awkward to take out. Now, I keep my Supermarket Trolley Bags, each folded to the size of an umbrella, in a Mini-Maxi Shopper on the back of the kitchen door next to the shopping list, ready to fling over my shoulder on my way to the shops.

    My collection of Mini-Maxi Shoppers are strategically placed where I need them most - one in the car's glove compartment, a couple in the kitchen, one in my handbag - I even have a Keyring Shopper which doubles up as a reminder to pick up my eco bags when i pick up the car keys.

    So I've not only freed up valuable drawer space in my kitchen but I've not needed an 'emergency' plastic bag in weeks! Result!

  • Walk To School Week

    Walk to School Week 2012 will take place between 21st-25th May this year. Last year an astounding 1.6 million children in over 6000 schools ditched the school run as part of Walk to School Week. We think this sounds great and a great chance to embrace the weather (even if it's raining), don the trainers and get the kids excited about walking.

    Did you know that if we all swapped one car journey a week for walking instead, car traffic levels would reduce by at least 10%! Walking has so many indirect environmental benefits, from reducing carbon dioxide levels, to showing more interest into urban public spaces. So why not help preserve the environment by joining in on the walk to school fun!

    A pollution free week would not be the same however, without an equally eco-chic bag to take with whilst you're on the school run (or walk, as it will be). At For-Keeps we have searched worldwide for some of the most stylish and versatile eco-friendly bags and shoppers. Such as The Reisenthel City Rucksack, a combination of shopper and backpack for all eventualities. This super versatile bag is smart enough for work, and practical enough for the walk to school run. It comes in a range of great colours too.

    Check out our site for our full range of eco-friendly products to help you celebrate Walk to School Week 2012 in style!

    Find us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all our latest product offers and enviro-news.

  • Get on Your Bike

    Traffic in the morning rush hour, is now slower than before the congestion charge was introduced in February 2006. (Evening Standard. Oct 2007) So, GET ON YOUR BIKE.

    FACT: Cycling is the fastest, most efficient way of getting around London. In addition, you will getter fitter, leaner and all round healthier going to work this way. No more getting caught in the school run traffic, the endless gridlock on the M25 or taking unknown detours to avoid yet more road works.

    If you are using public transport, the misery is over. No more tube strikes, bus delays and "leaves on the track". No need to plan an alternative journey. The only planning you will need to do is to find the most direct route to your destination.

    FACT: Cycling is cheaper than any other form of transport. With the price of petrol going up and up, it's time to dust off the handlebars and get on your bike. Bicycle shops offer a choice of bikes, at a range of prices. Once you have bought your bike and accessories, the maintenance costs far outweigh having to pay for petrol, for parking, Oyster cards, and the "oops I forgot again" Congestion Charge.

    According to figures released by CTC, the UK's national cycling organisation, more than 4 million people in the UK use their cars to drive less than 3 miles to work! It makes sense that if more people cycled these shorter distances to work, we would be well on the way to reducing carbon emissions and making the nation fitter.

    Before you brave the traffic in London, you may want to enrol in a cycle training course to improve your skills, make you more aware of the requirements to ride on the road, and boost your confidence. Contact your local borough to see what they offer or go to www.lcc.org.uk - the website of The London Cycle Campaign. Have a look at the "advice" section. It offers some great tips to the new and the experienced cyclist.

    Don't forget to wear a helmet at all times, to use a headlamp and wear a fluorescent jacket to ensure you are visible to motorists - and bendy bus drivers.

    All that's left is to GET PEDALLING.

    Useful Links:

  • Get A Bag Habit - NOW!

    Getting a bag habit is the best possible habit you can have in these tough times. We need to look after ourselves and our world - but we can look good doing it. Visit our eco-chic emporium to find out how.

    The Government and the British Retail Consortium have launched their "Get a bag habit" campaign. The aim is to encourage everyone to reuse carrier bags. This follows a commitment by seven leading supermarkets to reduce the number of bags given out by 50% by the end of May this year. Since 2006 retailers have already reduced the number of bags that they give our by a hefty 26%.

    On average we each use more than 160 new carrier bags in a year. That amounts to around 400 per household. You can change this. Get a bag habit today.

    JOIN us at www.for-keeps.co.uk to support this amazing Government initiative. Use this promotional code to get 10% off any purchase from our website until the end of May 2009 and help us to help you to "get a bag habit".


    We all lead busy lives, so it's quite easy to forget to take our bags along with us when we go shopping. Here are a few tips to help make sure you don't forget your bags:


    Try keeping a bag tucked in your handbag or jacket pocket so you're always prepared - a baggu bag or mini maxi shopper from For Keeps will do the trick.

    If you often forget to take your bags with you, why not put them somewhere you're likely to see them? Perhaps near your front door. Bright coloured ones are the best to jog your memory.

    You can also keep them in the boot of your car so you have them ready for next time. Put a note on your dashboard so you don't go into the shop without them.

    Ask your employer if you can set up a carrier bag dispenser somewhere at work, perhaps in the kitchen. Then, people can use the bags at lunchtime.

    Children like getting involved, so why not ask them to remind you? Easy stars for the star chart.

    Why not make up a handy memory aid such as 'KWB' (Keys, Wallet and Bags)?


    THE REISENTHEL MINI-MAXI SHOPPER. IT COMES IN A HANDY POUCH, AND HOLDS A LOT OF SHOPPING. SO DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT. Only £8.50 - but don't forget to use the discount code above when you order.

  • On Course for Students

    The latest items to have earned their place on the For-Keeps website are perfect for students:

    Hung flush to the wall, the Multiboard is a smart solution for cutting clutter in a shared space with its deep pockets and roomy compartments. Keep mail, flyers and notices tidy in a hallway, or use it to keep your own collection of brochures and nick-nacks under control.
    £25.80 inclusive of postage and packaging.

    Ribbon Board:
    Keep track of important information, use it to organize research or simply make it a place to keep mementos, each Ribbon Board is as unique as its owner!
    £28.56 inclusive of postage and packaging.

    Expandable Shopper with Oyster Card Pocket:
    So much more than just a classic tote; undoing the ingenious zip around the middle creates up to a third more space - effectively transforming a handbag into a hold-all! Perfect for files, books, and anything else you need, the Expandable Shopper is an essential bag for any college girl on the move.
    £22.35 inclusive of postage and packaging.

    Everyday Panier:
    We can vouch for this being a bag to use every day - trips to the launderette, to the gym, or just to keep general bulky mishmash in one place, this Pannier is one of the hardest workers on campus!
    £19.30 inclusive of postage and packaging.

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