Monthly Archives: January 2015

  • A Green Idea for Christmas

    Wrap your gifts this Christmas with a difference. The goodwill continues long after the holidays have passed.

    Use one of our reusable bags as gift wrap and make a difference. We have bright and festive colours to choose from.

  • Spring in Your Step

    With spring on its way, one feels a renewed energy to clean out one's house and take on new habits. The most satisfying part was finally clearing out the drawer of tatty old 'bags for life' that I'd been hoarding for far too long. Anyway, now that I'm free of plastic bags (recycled responsibly of course!), my collection of shoppers and trolley bags has really come into its own.

    I was never one for those hessian bags - frankly they were too bulky to store and too awkward to take out. Now, I keep my Supermarket Trolley Bags, each folded to the size of an umbrella, in a Mini-Maxi Shopper on the back of the kitchen door next to the shopping list, ready to fling over my shoulder on my way to the shops.

    My collection of Mini-Maxi Shoppers are strategically placed where I need them most - one in the car's glove compartment, a couple in the kitchen, one in my handbag - I even have a Keyring Shopper which doubles up as a reminder to pick up my eco bags when i pick up the car keys.

    So I've not only freed up valuable drawer space in my kitchen but I've not needed an 'emergency' plastic bag in weeks! Result!

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