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  • Top Tips for Earth Day

    Earth day falls on April 22nd and is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. It is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year, and this year we want to share with you some key tips to adhere to so you can do your bit for the earth:

    Turn off all lights and sources of power when they are not in use. This may sound obvious, that conserving energy helps the environment, but many people don't actually do this. By simply reducing the amount of energy used each day, this is known to significantly prevent global warming.

    REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!! Yes you have probably heard this so many times, but did you know that by recycling half of your household waste, you can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually?! So it is important to do your part to reduce waste by choosing reusable products instead of disposables.

    Encourage Others to Conserve. Share information about recycling and energy conservation with your friends, neighbors and co-workers, and take opportunities to encourage public officials to establish programs and policies that are good for the environment. Why not buy one our fashion forward shopper for one of your friends to help them make their start at going green.

    At For-Keeps we want to help you help the environment, so we have searched everywhere for the most eco-chic reusable products to make shopping much easier.

    The Reisenthel Easy Shopping Bag not only looks fabulous but also folds down into a small, umbrella-shaped pouch that you can easily slip into your own bag so that you always keep it handy.

    Unlike other eco-shoppers out there, this reusable shopping bag has the trademark Reisenthel strong frame that can carry even your heaviest groceries.

    Another great way to cut down on supermarket plastic bags is the Reisenthel Collapsible Shopping Box. This is a super stylish and convenient way to bring your purchases into the house.

    The box also folds flat for easy storage and pops right up to an amazing volume of 43L! And with its sturdy sides and colourful fabric, it doubles up as an ingenious storage box for around the house!

    And why not use our Reisenthel Bottle Bag to carry around bottles to and from home.

    The strong material will keep your bottles secure in their place and the 9 large individual pockets will help avoid any distracting clanging noise on the journey home. Use this in conjunction with one of our reusable bags for the perfect green solution!

    This year around the globe more than one billion people will participate to voice their appreciation for the planet and demand its protection. Are you going to be one of them?

    Check out our site for our full range of eco-friendly products to help you celebrate Earth Day in style!

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  • When is a Box Not a Box? When It's a Reisenthel Shopping Box

    At For-Keeps.co.uk we know a good idea when we see one, and they don't get much better than the Reisenthel Shopping Box. We're experts in innovative solutions for shopping bags and storage (amongst other things!), so when we set our eyes on the Shopping Box, we knew we were on to a good thing.

    Of course it's great for popping into the supermarket trolley for a 'plastic-bag-free' grocery trip; the strong handles make light work of transferring the weekly shop from trolley to car and into the house, the aluminium sides keeping everything safely inside and the tear-proof fabric withstanding all manner of knocks and scrapes.

    But it's when the shopping's packed away that Shopping Box really comes into its own. It would be a shame to hide its good looks away, and its 40l capacity is just crying out to be used more than once a week - we've used ours for a laundry basket, extra packing space for a weekend away, a toy box, somewhere to stow out of season clothes, and it has safely transported children's projects to school on many occasions!

    And if you ever find yourself without a job for the Shopping Box to do, it folds flat to be tucked in to a handy corner - but it's so useful, it won't be tucked away for long.

    The Reisenthel Shopping Box is priced £22 and is available at www.for-keeps.co.uk along with many more brilliant storage and luggage idea.

    The collapsible portable box with a huge amount of storage space:

    • 2 stable sides, folds small for storage
    • 1 zip pocket inside
    • 2 shopping cart tokens in small pocket
    • Folded box is fastened together using 2 snap fasteners
    • Dimensions: L 42 x W 37 x H 28cm, volume 43L

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