About Us

We’ve got Storage with staying power and Bags of style...

We know that life is a mixed bag of the must-do, the practical, the fun and the indulgent – whether it’s dashing to meetings, trips to the supermarket, visits to the bottle bank, running to the gym, or days at the spa and picnics in the park. So we’ve done the research for you and found the very best in baskets, bicycle bags, laundry storage, trolleys, hold-alls and bag organisers – anything that will make your life easier, last the longest and appease the inner environmentalist in you.

The age of the shoe box under the bed and the plastic bag is long dead, but we can’t be the only ones who believe there’s got to be a more glamorous alternative to sustainable living than keeping laundry in hessian, carrying everything in hemp and a life lived in beige.

Your home is beautiful, and we want to help you to keep it that way. So we took it upon ourselves to search the world and the web for stylish alternatives to bring you gorgeous Storage that’s made of sturdy stuff and does the job and beautiful carriers that will keep on carrying whilst turning heads.

Apart from the daily need for a trusty bag that becomes an extension of ourselves, travelling in style with a hold-all at your side to be proud of and sheltering from the rain beneath an umbrella to show off, it’s amazing what a difference we can make to our lives when we know where things are. So, make the most of your space, clear the clutter and get organised.

We love our selection that will help you keep your life tidy while making a style statement and we hope you will too, but remember, our range is not throw away fashion, it was made to last, it’s for keeps.

Bags of love.

Debbie and the team