Reisenthel Carrycruiser Shopping Trolley

Reisenthel Carrycruiser Shopping Trolley

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Being eco-conscious can use up all your energy when it means lugging heavy parcels around for miles rather than using the car. That's why we find the Carrycruiser an essential. Whether we're shopping, carrying the kids' bags to school or going out for the day, the Carrycruiser is our wheeled companion, combining storage space with luxurious style. The charm of the Carrycruiser is in its practicality, sturdy enough to be wheeled through busy streets, durable enough to be used daily and engineered with meticulous care so that it's a breeze to pull or push through the supermarket. This versatile trolley can even be clipped onto the front of your shopping cart or slung over your shoulder by a large strap, which will make tackling stairs or hopping onto the bus much easier. Crafted from tearproof polyester fabric. We're not the only ones obsessed with this product. Carrycrusier has won the reddot design award 2007 for outstanding design quality, The German Designer Club Award, The Design Plus Award, The FORM Design Award, the if Award, the International Design Award, and the German Design Award Baden-Wuerttemberg, and was nominated by its state Ministry of Economics and Technology for the German Design Award. Dimensions: 42 x 47.5 x 32 cm


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