On Course for Students

The latest items to have earned their place on the For-Keeps website are perfect for students:

Hung flush to the wall, the Multiboard is a smart solution for cutting clutter in a shared space with its deep pockets and roomy compartments. Keep mail, flyers and notices tidy in a hallway, or use it to keep your own collection of brochures and nick-nacks under control.
£25.80 inclusive of postage and packaging.

Ribbon Board:
Keep track of important information, use it to organize research or simply make it a place to keep mementos, each Ribbon Board is as unique as its owner!
£28.56 inclusive of postage and packaging.

Expandable Shopper with Oyster Card Pocket:
So much more than just a classic tote; undoing the ingenious zip around the middle creates up to a third more space - effectively transforming a handbag into a hold-all! Perfect for files, books, and anything else you need, the Expandable Shopper is an essential bag for any college girl on the move.
£22.35 inclusive of postage and packaging.

Everyday Panier:
We can vouch for this being a bag to use every day - trips to the launderette, to the gym, or just to keep general bulky mishmash in one place, this Pannier is one of the hardest workers on campus!
£19.30 inclusive of postage and packaging.

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